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Can I change my login details?

Your username cannot be changed - this will always be your Glen Fuels account number.

To change your password, click on My Account. This will give you a menu which includes Change Password. Enter the Current Password and then enter a New Password.

How will I know I have logged in?

When you have successfully logged into your account, the following text will appear in the top right corner of your screen: 'You are logged in as YOUR NAME [YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER]'. This will disappear when you log out.

How can I view my account?

Click on 'My Account'.

What does my account tell me?

When you log into your account, you have access to an overall summary of your account as it stands today and a breakdown of your account activity since 2008.

Can I print off details for my accounts?

You can both print and save invoices and statements.

How do I place an order through this web portal?

Click on 'Our Products'. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a menu of products. Click on the product(s) you wish to order and choose your required volume, by clicking 'Add'. When you are satisfied that your order is complete, proceed to Checkout.

What if I need to edit my shopping cart?

You can edit the contents and quantities within your shopping cart when you proceed to checkout. Here you will see a list of the products you have ordered. Click on the red X to delete a product from the order list. Alternatively, you can change the quantity.

What products are for sale through the Glen Fuels Customer Web Portal?

You can order Kerosene, Marked Gas Oil, Sulphur-Free Oil, Derv-ULSD.

How do I buy heating oil and storage tanks, Magnus™ Monitors, lubricants and other sundries?

Please visit to purchase our fast moving products.